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  • If knowing about the island’s history is an important attribute for the new Key Biscayne Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Center Director, recently appointed Tatyana Chiocchetti appears to be a perfect fit.

    After an exhaustive search, the organization’s board of directors decided Chiocchetti, who was already serving as the Chamber’s marketing director, had a familial relationship with the Village that gave her documented insight into the community that could only be an asset.

    In addition to living on Key Biscayne on-and-off for 30 years, her father Jim Woodman wrote a book inspired by her grandfather’s affection for the island entitled Key Biscayne: The Romance of Cape Florida.

    The chronicle of Key Biscayne history from inception to 1961 seems to be the perfect precursor to the new director’s appointment, and she is thrilled about the opportunity to help add to the legacy of success in the Village. “I was honored, number one,” Chiocchetti said, describing her feelings about the unexpected promotion. “It was a surprise. I was excited and delighted, but I feel ready for the challenge because I feel I know the Key, the people and what they want.”

    The Florida native brings an impressive resume to the job.

    A graduate of South Miami Senior High, Chiocchetti earned a swimming scholarship to Texas A&M University, where she earned a bachelor of arts in Modern Languages and Marketing.

    The multilingual Chamber director is a native English speaker who is fluent in Spanish, French and Italian, able to exhibit her intellect and personality in all four languages. Her language and marketing skills have been helpful in previous jobs, which include working in the film industry as a consultant for CanalSat Caraibes Pay TV, as a translator for Centuro Communications, and as a communications manager for Media Overseas America.

    Born to father from Illinois and a mother from Dutch Holland, Chiocchetti has lived in both Europe and the United States, becoming a typical multicultural resident of Miami. She believes her background has been helpful. “I think that the fact I was selected over other candidates may have had a lot to do with the fact that I speak four languages fluently,” she surmised. “Nearly 50 percent of the people who walk through the Chamber door speak in Spanish, and they are surprised that I respond in their native language, so now this adds a bit more international flavor to the Chamber.”

    The newly appointed director also credits her success to her experience working as marketing director under the direction of former Chamber Executive Director Kathye Susnjer, who set the standard for success during her 16-year tenure. “Those are tough shoes to fill, and I learned a lot from her and during our year working together. I really wish it had been longer; I absorbed so much from her. She was such a pleasure to work with.”

    Source:  The Islander News, Nov. 29, 2016