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Dear Key Biscayne LimeBike Community,

We're excited to be operating our bike sharing program in Key Biscayne for a little over a month now and have seen overall ridership steadily increase since we launched back in late June. We’d love to thank the forward-thinking Village of Key Biscayne for their efforts to help bring this innovative opportunity to the community. For our program to fully work, we've also relied on various private properties and shopping centers, which have embraced our program. It truly takes a Village!

In just four weeks time, we have
  • sponsored the Key Biscayne Community Foundation’s Sister City program by donating all of July ride revenue to this great initiative
  • partnered with a number of accommodating businesses and private properties
  • offered a series of fun promotions to our riders (July4 and KeyLime/BiciLime)
  • had a blast being part of the July 4th parade (and getting blasted by a bunch of SuperSoakers in front of the Fire Department!)
  • mapped out an exciting series of upcoming community activities for all to enjoy

We hope to keep bringing the fun while working hard so that we can offer you a ride at anytime!

We also thought that this would be a great time to introduce a few friendly reminders about our program and how to use LimeBikes effectively and responsibly within your community. Thanks for reading carefully!


Logging in

Be sure your smartphone is charged and your GPS settings are enabled under your phone’s settings before you log in to the LimeBike app. If riding at night, be sure to hit the flashlight feature in your app when scanning the QR code, and remember to flip on your light on the front wheel and push the circular back light under your seat to enable it.


Payments and Multiple Bikes

We're working quickly to enable international App Store downloads for those of you who aren't registered with the U.S. App store. We are also working to enable international credit card registration for select countries. Another common question we get is “Can I log into more than one bike under my account?” The answer is no, although we are considering this capability in the future.


Seat Adjustment

“But the seats are just too high for me!”
Well don’t fret, you can manually adjust your seat by flipping the side lever on the right hand side of the seat post. Child seats are not available for LimeBikes at this time.


Locking Up

After completing your ride, please be sure to manually lock your bike. On the lock underneath your seat, push the red tab down to slide the metal lock into place. Once the lock is enabled, you will hear a chime and your app should also reflect the end of your ride. When you leave your bike unlocked, you expose yourself to A) being charged more than you deserve to pay and B) someone else taking your bike and riding on your own dime. Please be sure to always lock LimeBikes.


Park Responsibly

Please park your bike responsibly and legally. Ideal parking areas include public bike racks, sidewalk areas which do not obstruct pedestrians, grass islands near the edge of sidewalks, and in open areas within public parks like Village Green. Our solar-panel baskets also love the sun 🙂

Places NOT to park include areas blocking vehicular or pedestrian traffic like on streets or at car parking stalls, handicap ramps, driveways and building entrances, and in private confines of your home or business, where others cannot easily access.We don't mind you biking home or to your friend's apartment, but please be sure to leave your bike in an easily accessible area for the next rider, like on the furthest edge of your lawn.

Some private properties prohibit LimeBikes to be parked within their boundaries—please be respectful and be sure to check with them accordingly. Please also be considerate to the next rider, by not leaving any trash in the baskets.



Safety is our utmost concern and we are working hard to make sure your bike is always safe and out of harm's way. Please be sure to ride with both hands on the handlebar at all times, to not ride under the influence, and to be aware of your surroundings and traffic at all times, especially when crossing streets and riding into busy areas. You are responsible for your own safety.


Reporting Broken Bikes or Vandalism

Please contact: or 1-888-LIME-345 (1-888-546-3345)


We are open to suggestions!

Please share any ideas or how we might be able to better support you using the above email address. We are always looking for ways that LimeBike can improve within your immediate community.

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